Agriculture is historically a key factor in development of human society. Over the last few centuries, technological advances have significantly affected the development of agricultural activity. Growing IoT technology has an increasing role in this, providing farmers with new opportunities to monitor the status of various parameters and analyze them in order to improve productivity. New technologies have become applicable in areas with no electricity, so more and more farmers tend to use them.Telemetris Agriculture system uses Low Power Consumption technology to connect sensors and servers.

Main reasons for implementation
– Remote monitoring of agricultural land essential conditions and real-time display on web and/or mobile devices helps to maintain an optimal plant growth environment
– Proper, sufficient and timely application of pesticides, irrigation water, and fertilizer
– Plant disease prevention
– Production quality improvement
– Significantly reduced “time to market” (TTM)

Area of use
– Greenhouses
– Field
– Vineyards
– Compost and grain silos

Technical details:
– Device is equipped with temperature, humidity and pressure sensor, Soil moisture sensor, Soil temperature sensor, Luminosity sensor
– Battery autonomy up to 5 years, with Solar panel up to 10 years
– Remote access to the GUI