An anti-theft system is any device or method used to prevent or deter the unauthorized appropriation of items considered valuable. From the invention of the first lock and key to the introduction of RFID tags and biometric identification, anti-theft systems have evolved to match the introduction of new inventions to society and the resulting theft by others.
Using Low Power Consumption technology combined with corresponding communication technology, Telemetris anti-theft system can run on batteries for years and needs no maintenance thus can be placed almost anywhere. In the event of sensor activation, the system sends this information to the server which takes further action according to a predefined procedure.

Main reasons for implementation of ATS:
– ATS can be placed anywhere with no need for external power, even under manhole cover.
– ATS can secure properties that, up to now, could not have been secured
– ATS can be equipped with various types of sensors such as:
o Various types of switches, accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensor, air pressure sensor, smoke detection sensor, gas detection sensor and many others depending on the need.

Area of use:
– Alarm while unauthorized opening of manholes
o Manhole cover theft is the phenomenon of manhole covers being stolen, usually for resale as scrap i.e. for financial reasons. It is becoming serious and increasingly common problem. Car hitting an open manhole can cause tremendous material damage or lead to traffic accident. Falling into an open manhole can be fatal.
– Cottages
– Warehouse facilities
– Farms

Technical details:
– Device is equipped with ultrasonic sensor, Contact (Switch) sensor
– Battery autonomy up to 5 years
– Remote access to the GUI