A wildfire or wildland fire is a fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occours in the countryside or rural area. Depending on the type of vegetation where it occours, a wildfire can also be classified more specifically as a brush fire, bush fire, desert fire, forest fire, grass fire, hill fire, peat fire, vegetation fire, or veld fire. It is common problem in many countries around the world. Not only can it threaten communities and destroy vast amounts of natural resources, but can also displace wildlife and destroy their natural habitat affecting the ecosystems and causing environmental pollution. For all the reasons mentioned above, prevention and fire suppression represents the strategic priority of today.

Main reasons for implementation of Telemetris Fire detection system
– Early detection is one of the key factors to minimize damage caused by fire.
– Up to now, the most common tool used for early fire detection was video technology. With the development of new mobile technologies it is now possible to place small sensor cells into the fire prone areas to detect smoke, increase in temperature, CO2 and CO, and humidity drop as a result of fire.
– The system sends alerts to a server when sensor values reach predefined limits. Based on algorithm running on the server and data collected from other sensor cells it is possible to conclude whether it is a fire or not.
– Telemetris Fire detection system is independent system based on Low Power Consumption technology which does not need external power supply. It can operate on battery and solar panel for more than 10 years with no maintenance.

Area of use
– Early wildfire detection:
o Early warning and immediate response to a fire breakout are key factors in avoiding greater damage to the environment and people. In fire surveillance it is most important to quickly, reliably and accurately detect a fire.
o It is much easier to suppress a fire when the starting location is known and while it is in its early stages. Information on spreading fire are also very valuable for managing the fire during all its stages. Based on that information it is possible to strategically manage and guide firefighting staff to intercept and block the fire spread before it reaches areas where the damage will be enormous.
– Fire detection along electric power lines
– Fire detection in warehouse facilities
– Fire detection on Farms

Technical details:
– Device is equipped with Temperature and humidity, CO2 and CO sensor
– Battery autonomy for at least 10 years (with Solar panel)
– Remote access to the GUI